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TrueDialog Contact Center SMS Texting Solutions

Increase Productivity With Multi-Agent, Threaded, SMS Texting Conversations

The perfect SMS texting software for customer service, contact center SMS, help desk SMS, and customer support SMS texting solutions.

Send mass text messages 1-to-Millions and also utilize our unique “TrueDialog” 2-Way Texting Application which enables threaded, multi-user, team-based SMS conversations at scale.

TrueDialog’s call center SMS texting solution lets agents respond faster and save time by allowing many agents to contribute to each customer support texting conversation in one group thread, rather than a series of separate, single-agent conversations.

Our call center SMS and customer support texting software was built for large businesses, but made easy for small businesses. As your company grows, we grow with you.

Why SMS Texting for Call Centers and Customer Support Teams?

TrueDialog’s SMS texting solution is perfect for contact center agents, customer support texting, help desk SMS and enrollment/admissions reps. There is no better medium to reach your customers and prospects than with SMS text messaging. Did you know that 97% of Text messages are read in less than 3 minutes? Your customers are mobile, you should be too. Instead of being buried in your customer’s email inbox, cut to the front of the line with business SMS text messaging.

So empower your call center agents and reps to simultaneously talk and text. Improve productivity. Eliminate phone tag. Improve customer satisfaction. It’s proven, it works, and it is the next major evolution in enterprise customer engagement.

97% of Text messages are read in less than 3 minutes
Team-to-One Dialog…at Scale

There is a huge difference between our TrueDialog texting solution and basic 2-way texting, which limits agents to text conversations with only a single team member contributing to the dialog at a time.

TrueDialog has more advanced features designed to meet the needs of larger enterprise call centers. Our SMS texting software enables team-based 2-way texting that creates threaded, multi-agent, team-to-one conversations at scale. So your team can all contribute to a single threaded texting conversation with your customers.

Older 1-to-1 Technology

Older “2-way” texting technology can’t compare. Traditional call center SMS solutions limit agents to one agent per customer text conversation.

97% of Text messages are read in less than 3 minutes
TrueDialog's State-of-the-Art Team-based Technology

Increase Productivity with TrueDialog by enabling multiple agents to simultaneously contribute to the same text messaging “thread” with your customers to allow full collaboration, get issues resolved faster and improve customer satisfaction.

97% of Text messages are read in less than 3 minutes
TrueDialog Features

Administrative Controls

Utilize our administrative controls to monitor agent texts, response times & language.

Access Levels

Grant different access levels: Mass texting, Individual texting, Group texting or view only. Eliminate access for former employees.

Unique Text Numbers

Assign company-owned, unique business text numbers to each rep or agent with their own text inbox.

Send and receive SMS text messages

Send & Receive

Send & receive SMS text messages directly from your desktop computer.

Engage Anywhere

Engage anywhere, anytime with TrueDialog’s Android and IOS Mobile Apps.

Multiple Conversations

Agents can manage multiple SMS text conversations at the same time and more than one agent can chime into each texting dialog.

Team-based Texting

Engage in multi-agent, team-based texting with each customer all from the same threaded text conversation.

Search & Review

Store, search & easily review the history of all SMS interactions.

Compliance Protection

Enjoy an extra layer of compliance protection with our SMSafe ISO 9001 cloud-based duplicate opt-out database.


Store, search & easily review the history of all SMS interactions.

Multi-User, Threaded, Many-to-1 Dialog

Customers and prospects dislike being transferred from rep to rep. With TrueDialog, multiple agents can send SMS text messages from the same messaging “thread.” This provides a win-win experience; a faster, more complete response for the customer and increased productivity for the company’s call center agents.

What Makes Us Different

Professional Administrative Controls:

Contact center directors and managers can monitor response times, language and grant access to different agents at various levels of functionality: mass texting, individual texting and view only. When a rep leaves your organization, you keep the phone number, contacts and all text conversation history to maintain uninterrupted customer service.

Our Unique “TrueDialog” Feature:

Agents can handle multiple customer conversations simultaneously and multiple agents can chime into the same texting dialog with a single customer to create a seamless, threaded experience to fully satisfy your customer even if several agents need to get involved. Our platform is built for this level of dialog at scale for large enterprises.

Enterprise-Grade Software & Deliverability:

Unlike many of our competitors, TrueDialog has invested in building direct carrier connections which eliminate the middleman and provide our customers with two huge benefits: 1) it improves deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on third parties; and 2) it allows us to price our service significantly lower than our competitors.

TrueDialog SMS Mobile App:

Contact center agents can manage accounts directly from our desktop platform or from your company's white-labled text inboxes on each agent's mobile phone using our Android and IOS Mobile Apps.


Now in our 9th year of serving customers, TrueDialog has built the perfect solution for enterprise-grade SMS texting with our Five-Star Rated cloud-based platform featuring an ISO 9001 database, 99.99% uptime, direct carrier connections and dozens of innovative features developed through years of carefully listening to our customers.

Extensive Pre-built Features:

Dozens of features have already been built for you. No programming necessary with our full platform. Why build what we've already built?


For developers, we offer a fully-documented RESTful SMS API with extensive advanced pre-built features. Save time. Code Less. Move Faster.


TrueDialog maintains our own duplicate ISO 9001 Opt-Out cloud-database for an extra layer of compliance protection. This is a significant cost to us, but is greatly valued by serious enterprise customers.

TrueDialog SMS Texting Integrations

We have built real integrations with major CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms. No pop-ups. No extra windows. Users can text from inside their CRM. Integrations include:, Microsoft Dynamics, Campus Management and Hubspot, and Oracle’s Eloqua.

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