SMS Compliance and Best Practices

Save time and worry about text marketing regulations.

Text ComplianceTrue Dialog’s mobile messaging platform provides a complete solution for the capture and archiving of SMS messages for compliance.  All text messages are collected and archived in a format that is easily accessible, which allows your company to establish mobile compliance policies and meet the legal mandates from the Mobile Marketing Association and CTIA.

Many companies either think that the rules do not apply to them since they’re only texting prospective or current customers or they are so afraid of violating the rules that they do not properly utilize text message marketing.  Compliance messages and user flows are built into the True Dialog Platform to minimize the risks associated with potential violations. Our team is well versed on the most up to date compliance regulations to further support you.

Competitors are not offering built-in compliance, so you are left to figure out these complicated regulations on your own. SMS compliance and text messaging best practices are important to True Dialog, so we want our clients to be well informed.