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TrueDialog Launches SMS Mobile App

TrueDialog, premier provider of SMS Text Solutions, today announced the launch of their SMS Mobile App.

This week, our brand new one-of-a-kind mobile app will become available to our customers.  Developed with industry leaders, our app will allow users to manage SMS text campaigns from anywhere.  Built for Android and iPhone mobile app, our app can be found in Google Play and the Apple store and comes equipped with full administrative controls.  Once a user downloads the app, they will be prompted to enter their credentials and will immediately be able to utilize the platform.  Also, advanced security measures have been put into place that will allow administrators to revoke access to the app for a specific user, for instances such as an employee losing their phone, or leaving the company.

We’re looking forward to allowing our customers to mobilize their call center agents to engage in True 1-to-1 Dialog at scale.

3Seventy Launches New Emergency Alert Solution

3Seventy, premier provider of SMS Text Solutions, today announced the launch of their emergency alert notification solution.

We’re excited to announce the official release of our heavily anticipated emergency alert notification solution.

Unlike our competitors, 3Seventy’s SMS alert system is just one element of a full platform that can dramatically improve response rates for your organization. Additionally, you can continue the dialog, one-to-one, when contacts reply to your broadcast.  Features include:

  • Ability to instantly send SMS text messages, voice messages, email and social media alerts to 1000’s and continue the dialog 1-to-1, when contacts reply to your broadcast.
  • Administrative controls that can be accessed from any computer.
  • Text conversations that are tracked and integrated into CRM providers like, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot.

The solution fits into both TrueDialog’s Enterprise-Grade SMS Texting Solution built for business, as well as Higher Education.  To learn more about Emergency SMS Alerts for business, click here, and to learn more about Campus Emergency Alerts, click here.

3Seventy at SXSW 2016

South by Southwest (SXSW 2016) is one of the most exciting aspects of being headquartered in Austin, Texas. Between March 11th and 20th, thousands of artists and innovators will flock down to our fair city. We are excited to be apart of the festivities by attending several events. Here are a few of the events where you can find someone from 3Seventy in attendance:


  • SXSWedu Expo – Education expo bringing together almost 6,000 central texas students, parents, educators, and education technology leaders for a number of interactive events When: Tuesday, March 8th from 9am-5pm Where: Austin Convention Center


  • Pre-SXSW Startup Crawl – An annual SXSW tradition that celebrates technology and entrepreneurship. Many big names in Austin tech will be sponsoring this massive event When: Thursday, March 10th at 5:00pm Where: Multiple locations throughout the city


  • The Oslo Lounge SmartCity Event – This event is focused on education technology and creating a Smart City When: Friday, March 11th at 4pm Where: Brass House


  • CMO ClubHouse Dancing on the Ceiling – A panel and networking event for women in media, tech, and marketing When: Sunday, March 13th from 12pm-2:30pm Where: The CMO Clubhouse 515 Congress Avenue, Ste. 2420


If you are attending one or more of these events or if you are going to be in town for SXSW, let us know! We would love to get together and chat. If you are unable to attend SXSW this year, make sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates and our blog for event recaps.

Enjoy SXSW 2016 Everybody!



3Seventy Launches Higher Education Platform

3Seventy, premier provider of SMS Text Solutions, today announced the launch of their specialized SMS platform built for higher education.

Over the past two years, we have been collaborating with a leading university, along with a team of higher education experts, to build a turnkey SMS platform for colleges and universities.

Built with the philosophy that text messaging can be powerful communications vehicle for every department at your university, this platform was specifically designed to increase enrollment and conversion rates in admissions, retention, alumni relations, financial aid, campus notifications, career services and emergency alerts.

Whether you’re a private college looking for a point-and-click solution, or an multi-campus online university in need of a text API, 3Seventy SMS lets you text one-to-millions or engage in one-to-one threaded dialog at scale.

To learn more about our solution, click here.

Latest 3Seventy SMS Release

API Version 2.1.2, Portal Version 3.1.6, Released 01/27/2016


  • Removal of the Subscription Endpoint
  • In an effort to clarify basic functions, the subscription features have been removed. You may still edit existing subscriptions through the portal.
  • New accounts generate a new subscription based on the account name. By default, it is recurring in accordance with applicable SMS regulations.


Reporting enhancements

  • Faster, more reliable reporting on campaigns, message logs and contact attributes.
  • Campaign reports now offer a Campaign Messages Counter, allowing the user to view live statistics for sent messages. Users can choose to view the last hour, the last day, or choose a date range.

Trial Accounts

  • Trial accounts are now better than ever, offering a long code for testing. Trial accounts are limited to 10 contacts, but are otherwise very feature-rich.
  • Trial accounts can be seamlessly upgraded to fully-functional accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Repaired several feature bugs
  • Contact opt-in, opt-out, and attributes can be updated through the portal

Version Deprecation, Consolidation

  • All API calls now use v2.1 in the URL
  • Previous versions may still work, but are not actively supported


Mobile Marketing Recap for 2015: An Infographic

In the ever-growing and developing business world, we are constantly seeking insights into what worked and didn’t work for the business each year. Knowing the pain of doing your own research, 3Seventy has pulled together some of the top mobile marketing stats into this simple infographic. Included here are: Mobile usage, facts, SMS open rates, mobile coupon usage, smartphone usage, and engagement rates in SMS verses email.

Take a look, share it, and let us know your thoughts and questions.

True Dialog mobile marketing, Mobile infographic, Mobile recap of 2015, Mobile recap, Mobile statistics, mobile marketing stats



Mobile Usage Facts:

  • About 87% of the world population own a mobile phone
  • 64% of Americans own a smartphone
  • 20 billion SMS messages are sent everyday
  • 97% of smartphone users will use their phone for texting

The Average Open Rate of an SMS (Text Message) is 99%

By 2019, it’s expected that mobile coupon usage will surpass 1 billion users

Top 4 Uses for Smartphones Are:

Text Messaging, Voice / Video Calls, Internet Use, and Email


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Technology Partnership, Benchmark Email, True Dialog SMS, complete marketing solution

Leading Mobile Marketing Provider, 3Seventy, partners with global email marketing leader to deliver a complete marketing solution


3Seventy, a leading global provider of SMS mobile marketing and engagement solutions, announced a new partnership with global email marketing leader Benchmark Email. This exciting new relationship forges two communication channels, allowing companies to send the best message to the right contacts, at the right time through the channel of their choice – SMS or Email.

Press Release, True Dialog and Benchmark, email marketing, sms marketing, mobile marketing, partnership

“As mobile devices continue to be an important tool for both our work and social lives, it’s become clear that mobile marketing must be part of a business’ overall marketing strategy. And we are excited to offer an integrated solution to both our customers and Benchmark customers,” says John Wright, CEO, 3Seventy Inc.

“Email continues to be a primary marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. As we watch email open rates increase on mobile devices and contacts jumping back and forth between SMS and email, it’s become important to offer solutions that cater to the customer’s preferred channel,” says Daniel Miller, Customer Service and Partner Director of Benchmark Email.




About 3Seventy Inc.
3Seventy is the preferred mobile solution for developers and marketers to connect with their customers via the text inbox. The company was founded in 2008 by executives with deep experience in email and direct marketing solutions who knew that text messaging is the email marketing of the 21st century. Our enterprise class mobile messaging platform enables businesses to have a personalized true dialog with their customers – resulting in more meaningful engagement. Reaching more than 990+ mobile carriers around the world, 3Seventy has successfully deployed thousands of mobile campaigns for companies seeking to improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using text messaging.

About Benchmark Email
Benchmark Email is the world’s first truly global mass email marketing service, with award-winning, Web-based bulk email tools in Spanish, German, simple Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and English. As the #1 do-it-yourself email service for businesses of all sizes, Benchmark Email offers the most flexible, user-friendly and affordable tools for sending and tracking email newsletters from the Web, desktops, smartphones and tablets. With an extremely diverse client base ranging from small businesses to nonprofit organizations, and a customer service team that’s seen as the best in the business, Benchmark boasts thousands of loyal, satisfied customers in America, Asia, Europe and beyond.

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Pew Research: Technology Device Ownership 2015

68% of Americans have smartphones and 45% have tablet computers.

Device ownership of other digital devices has not grown in recent years.

Pew Research, Device Ownership, Mobile Device Ownership, Mobile Phones, Smartphone Ownership, Mobile Technology, Technology Research



A new study was recently released by Pew Internet Research on device ownership in the US. The study found that  68% of U.S. adults own a smartphone, which is up from 35% in 2011. Tablet ownership has grown to 45% among adults. Smartphone ownership is nearing the saturation point with some groups:

  • 86% of those ages 18-29 have a smartphone
  • 83% of those ages 30-49 have a smartphone
  • 87% of those living in households earning $75,000 and up annually have a smartphone

Roughly 9 of every 10 American adults (92%) own a mobile phone of some kind (smartphone or feature phone). “Although these mobile devices are ubiquitous today, the share of adults who own one has risen substantially since 2004, when Pew Research conducted its first poll on cell ownership. At that time, 65% of Americans owned a cellphone.”



SMS Campaigns in the News

From churches to museums, nonprofits are bolstering their engagement efforts, one text message at a time


“For nonprofit organizations looking to connect with supporters, members and volunteers, that level of dependence represents a growing opportunity for mobile engagement, especially through widely used smartphone features such as text messaging.”

An example that BizTech sites is the Brooklyn Museum in New York. They took an “interactive approach to mobile engagement, creating the ASK texting app to connect museum visitors with members of its audience engagement team.”  Users can send photographs of specific art pieces to museum staff and ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions. (Source: BizTech)


Your Business Shouldn’t Opt-Out of SMS Marketing


“Text message marketing can do more than just deliver a message. Text messaging can spur engagement. It can include a link to your mobile website, a ticket, a sales promotion, a reminder, an invitation, and more! You can find a list of SMS marketing best practices here.

Bottom line, it all comes down to engagement. The app is a necessary element of an effective marketing program, but it is not sufficient in itself. All mature mobile marketing programs must also include a text message feature to engage your audience through a wide variety of content on a personal level. So take the time to learn the text message marketing rules; they aren’t so confusing that you should stop using the most ubiquitous medium out there. The statistics speak for themselves – app push messages are an enhancement to your marketing strategy, not a replacement.” (source: iMedia)


Canada is Seeing Growth Too! Using Mobile Marketing to Reach Baby Boomers


“Mobile Giving Foundation Canada – The Mobile Giving Foundation of Canada is reaching out to baby boomers with SMS campaigns that draw attention to their cause. The foundation’s text-to-give campaign is quick and easy, which is something baby boomers appreciate.” Keep in mind that simpler is better. “Make sure your call to action is clear, concise, and linkable or baby boomer recipients might pass.” (source: Business Review Canada)




SMS Provider, 3Seventy, releases significant upgrades and features to its powerful API for SMS and MMS

3Seventy, a leading global provider of mobile solutions, announced the release of several new features to enable developers to build more powerful mobile toolsets. 3Seventy’s RESTful API allows developers to connect with 990+ operators and 5.5 billion wireless subscribers globally. This release includes the availability of MMS and Long Codes, as well as stability enhancements, event status, and more.

Release Highlights:

  • SDKs. There are SDKs available for multiple languages (C#, Java, Ruby, PHP) that get the initial setup of SMS. Those are available in the True Dialog API Libraries.
  • API Dashboard. More developers are using a mixture of API calls and the portal to build what they need, so True Dialog created a dedicated dashboard to support their needs with shortcuts and reporting.

Technical employees access a vast array of software solutions on a daily basis, and making it easy to implement is key to cross-platform integration. Communicating with the developer community and offering easy application of mobile solutions are high priorities for 3Seventy, so new API and Portal releases rolling out over the summer months will address those priorities.

“We’re brining the power of MMS and SMS to developers and marketers alike,” John Wright, CEO, 3Seventy.

View the original release on PRWeb


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