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Mobile Marketing Recap for 2015: An Infographic

In the ever-growing and developing business world, we are constantly seeking insights into what worked and didn’t work for the business each year. Knowing the pain of doing your own research, True Dialog has pulled together some of the top mobile marketing stats into this simple infographic. Included here are: Mobile usage, facts, SMS open rates, mobile coupon usage, smartphone usage, and engagement rates in SMS verses email.

Take a look, share it, and let us know your thoughts and questions.

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Mobile Usage Facts:

  • About 87% of the world population own a mobile phone
  • 64% of Americans own a smartphone
  • 20 billion SMS messages are sent everyday
  • 97% of smartphone users will use their phone for texting

The Average Open Rate of an SMS (Text Message) is 99%

By 2019, it’s expected that mobile coupon usage will surpass 1 billion users

Top 4 Uses for Smartphones Are:

Text Messaging, Voice / Video Calls, Internet Use, and Email


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