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Health Insurance Gets Mobile

How Mobile Devices Are Improving the Insurance Experience The affordable care act has opened new channels for sales as well as new challenges for insurance companies. With more one-to-one customer sales on the rise, insurance companies are working hard to be as efficient as possible. In tandem, insurance companies are expected to be more transparent… Continue reading

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Hospitality Mobile Messaging

In-App Messages vs Text Messages Hospitality Mobile Messaging – which one delivers results for hotels, airlines and other travel companies? In-App messages (aka Push Notifications) are short messages sent from a mobile application that is installed on a user’s smartphone.  In-app messages can be sent even when the application is not being used. These are highly effective for… Continue reading

Mobile Display Advertisers Include 2-Way Text Messaging to Ads

Driving Revenue with Mobile Display Advertisers I knew that mobile marketing products would continue to develop over time and the latest in cell phone marketing developments offer interesting features that will make this technology more interactive and offer even better value to consumers. Mobile coupons are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and businesses alike, and I… Continue reading

Cross Device Tracking – Desktop to Pocket

This post from the Small Business Forum really drives home the importance of connecting with your customers on multiple devices and tracking the results. Cross-Device Tracking: How Leveraging it Will Increase Sales Leads When widespread consumer Internet usage exploded in the late 90s, it quickly became clear to marketing professionals that this mode of communication… Continue reading