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Use Case: SMS Chat for Customer Support

Ways companies are improving upon their customer support and direct communications with “customers”   Pain Point: Innovation in the area of customer support. Customers are always on the go, but they don’t necessarily want to chat on the phone or wait on hold to have questions answered. So companies are going beyond the call center,… Continue reading

Why Use SMS and Email Together?

Integrated Marketing Campaigns Using SMS and Email allows you to reach more customers, faster and more efficiently.  SMS (text messages) let you reach your target audience anytime and anywhere, and get instant responses. While email allows you to send targeted messages that customers can read at their own leisure. Syncing all of your contacts into… Continue reading

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Three Ways Your Restaurant Should Use SMS

Restaurants Are an Unpredictable Business The hurdles you must jump to achieve success are broad and overwhelming at times. From the local restaurant competition to reputation, customer service to food quality, and even the weather. Getting customers through the door of your restaurant is one of the challenges you face – not to mention return customers and developing… Continue reading