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Social Media ROI Measurement With SMS

It’s no secret that social media is a huge component in many digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing expenditure in the U.S has reached $7.52 billion dollars (Statista). Virtually every business has some form of social media presence today. To avoid talking to an empty room, marketers use different tactics, such as social media contests and coupons,… Continue reading

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Broadcast Media Measurement With SMS

Currently, the advertising business in the U.S is worth over $111 billion.  By 2020, revenue from TV and radio advertisement alone is projected to reach $81.7 and $17.68 billion respectively. With so much money circulated around advertising, it is important to make sure that your business’s advertising efforts are effective across your media channels. Vanity numbers, specialized URLs,… Continue reading

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Email and SMS Integration

A reliable one-two punch for digital marketing is multi-channel communications – specifically using email and SMS integration. Each has their separate advantages, and they also work well together to create a wonderfully integrated experience for both businesses and their clients. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are smartphone owners and the top 2 smartphone activities are texting and managing email. So… Continue reading

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SMS Message Templates for Businesses

Over 350 billion texts are sent everyday, around the world, for multiple purposes. When it comes to SMS messaging for your business, people often worry about creating useful or creative messages. Try creating some reusable SMS message templates for your business to get the right message across. These templates will vary depending on both your business and… Continue reading