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Reducing Coupon Fraud With SMS

Coupon promotions have been a staple for businesses of all sizes. They have proven themselves to attract customers, increase sales and help reach organizational goals. But what may come as a surprise for many is that couponing is not without its rules and regulations. A major issue that continues to plague coupon advertising (even those… Continue reading

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Reducing Coupon Fraud With SMS

Coupon usage is big and is projected to get even bigger. About 96% of American shoppers are coupon users and numbers continue to climb thanks to the popularity of digital coupons (RetailMeNot). However, with such high volumes of coupons being redeemed each year, the potential for coupon fraud increases as well. Fortunately, incorporating mobile coupons into… Continue reading

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SMS and Email Integration: How Does it Work?

SMS and Email integration is a winning combination for your multi-channel marketing strategy. Integrating these platforms allows marketers to provide a cohesive experience that caters to the different preferences of their clients. However, what many don’t understand is how these systems work together – integrating with each other as well as CRM systems.   How SMS and Email Come… Continue reading

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Education CRM Systems Go Mobile

Technology is playing an increasingly large role in education around the world Many schools and classrooms use education CRM systems for student management. These CRM (customer relationship management) systems are crucial for maintaining attendance, grades, homework, and other various classroom interactions. However, many systems operate on email-based integration for communications. Although millennials are extremely receptive to email,… Continue reading

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SMS Makes Recruiting More Efficient

As of November 2015, job openings in the U.S were hovering around 5.4 million. For many, recruiting is done with the help of staffing agencies which hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees per year. With such a high volume of applicants, efficiency is key for managing the recruiting process. By integrating SMS, applicants and… Continue reading