Texting Tips: Text Message Updates for Alumni

How to Keep Your Alumni Engaged After Graduation Another graduation season is behind us, leaving institutions with a new job of building lasting relationships with their alumni. But with so many graduates going in different directions after earning their degrees, keeping a graduating class ‘together’ is challenging. Fortunately, SMS provides not only simplicity, but an… Continue reading

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Maintaining Student Engagement With SMS

One of the major indicators of success for universities and colleges is student retention. Out of all the first-time, full-time students that enrolled in a 4-year university in fall 2012, 20% didn’t return for fall 2013 (NCES). One of the main reasons students don’t return in the fall is lack of student engagement due to poor communication. Notification emails… Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Attend SMS for Universities Webinar

SMS for universities is becoming a lot more commonplace. This is due in part to increased competition in higher education marketing and rising popularity of education technology (EdTech). This Thursday, May 5th, we will be hosting a webinar discussing the different ways SMS improves higher education experience for students, alumni, professors, and administration. Here are 4 reasons… Continue reading

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Higher Education Marketing: 4 Reasons to Update

There are currently about 5,300 colleges and universities throughout the United States. With so much competition to attract new students, higher education marketing needs to be smarter than ever. However, as Generation Y (Millennials) continues to graduate and enter the workforce, Generation Z (those born between the late 90’s and early 2000’s) are rapidly taking their place. Gen Z… Continue reading