Partners in the Mobile Revolution

Expand your service portfolio. Create a new revenue stream.

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Partner with True Dialog to Join the Mobile Revolution


True Dialog’s strategic partners include software companies, email service providers, SaaS providers, marketing agencies, utility companies, and many more. If you are looking to provided added value to your customers or clients, then step up and join the mobile revolution by becoming a mobile partner.


Resell Mobile for Value Add


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Add the True Dialog platform to your services for a business portfolio. From transparent existence to a white label solution.

Refer Others to Use SMS


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Offer a new tool to your clients. We can answer questions, provide information, and convert the lead into a customer.

Integrate SMS with Your System


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True Dialog’s SMS and MMS messaging platform was built on a RESTful API, so everything can be integrated into your software.

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We have built the best text messaging platform in the industry. Designed for serious enterprises and leading edge developers, our cloud-based SMS messaging platform is lightning fast, feature rich and incredibly easy to use.

Choose from full featured software or our brilliantly designed SMS API for integration. Simply stated, we are the best in breed SMS service built to seamlessly integrate with your email, loyalty or marketing automation solutions. Contact Us to Learn More.