Client Success Stories

TrueDialog clients leverage data for intelligently targeted SMS campaigns and operational text messages

We love helping our clients succeed. At True Dialog, we’re obsessed with improving the performance of campaigns and expanding our technology to meet your business needs, so we’ll do whatever it takes to make our clients successful.text message campaign, creative text messages, True Dialog, text service provider, SMS platform, client success, True Dialog SMS


True Dialog’s mobile messaging services enable companies to enhance customer engagement via text messaging. Text campaigns deepen brand loyalty, strengthen product marketing, improve operations, enhance your effectiveness, and, most importantly, increase revenue. That is client success.


Let us walk you through our platform and answer your questions.

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How True Dialog clients are using SMS:


  • RETAIL: Driving customers back in-store (loyalty programs)
  • RESTAURANT: Increasing orders with special offers (unique coupon codes)
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Communicating employee benefits (customer info lookups)
  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Package deliveries and property updates (system integration)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Deliver targeted messages and offers based on past behaviors (true dialog + segmentation)
  • SOFTWARE: Offer a more diverse product to customers (system integration + partnership)