SMS Solutions for Higher Education

Increase Enrollment.
Improve Retention.
Build a Community.

Whether you’re a private college looking for a point-and-click solution, or an online University looking for APIs to create a text gateway into your existing system, True Dialog SMS lets you send text messages one-to-one or one-to-millions.

Best of all, you can begin texting prospects, students or alumni within minutes of signing up.

It’s that simple.



We built the TrueDialog SMS API and platform to meet the needs of universities. No programming is needed and you can start texting within minutes.

TrueDialog Includes:

TrueDialog SMS – Text Solutions Built For Education

New Student Dialog:

Communicate with prospective students using the medium they prefer - text. Manage multiple 1-to-1 conversations and increase productivity of enrollment managers. Featured Solution. Click for Details

Retention Dialog:

Improve retention of existing students. Send reminders of mod start dates, enrollment form due dates, etc.

Campus Dialog:

Keep students up-to-date with real time notifications. From emergency alerts to game time updates, students will be in the know.

Career Dialog:

Notify students of job fair information, recruiting info, guest speakers, and internship opportunities.

Professor Dialog:

Professors can effectively communicate with students in a controlled and monitored environment.

Alumni Dialog:

Never lose track of the ability to communicate with alumni. Standard EDU email addresses become secondary or forgotten after graduation. But mobile numbers rarely change. SMS communications provide continuity. Alumni Dialog helps build a sense of connection and community.updates, students will be in the know.

Featured Use Case - New Student Dialog

Ideal for Admission Representatives and Enrollment Managers

  • Administrative controls can be accessed from any desktop computer.
  • All SMS conversations are tracked and integrated in your CRM, improving call center management and oversight.
  • If a rep leaves your organization, all SMS conversations remain in the system; ensuring continuity.
  • Using the TrueDialog app, Reps can easily track and manage prospective student from their cell phones.
  • New Student Dialog allows enrollment managers to conduct multiple text conversations at once. (Instead of one phone call at a time.)
  • Monitor communications on an ongoing basis:
    • Increase speed of response
    • Monitor language used
    • Improve overall quality of service

Key Benefits

Easy Setup

Regardless if you have one or thousands of call center agents, each will have their own number to send and receive texts.

Contact History Lookup

Ability to push and pull contact history from the application into your CRM/ERP or Custom Contact Management System

Administrative Controls

Add, monitor and remove CSR’s with ease. Our Out-Of-Office assistant ensures no communications are missed.

SMS Call Forwarding

Your contacts can easily jump from SMS directly to your CSR’s extension.

From enrollment, to on-campus activities, to alumni updates, TrueDialog SMS can be a powerful tool for any school or university. Want to take TrueDialog SMS for a spin? Click here to register for a free trial.