TrueDialog webinars and training sessions offer more information about successful SMS campaigns, text CRM, mobile marketing strategies, & more

Monthly Webinars

Webinars aim to offer knowledge from True Dialog’s client experiences and partnerships. These webinars look closely at mobile technology needs in specific industries, best practices, success stories, and new ideas for growing your business using SMS. Webinars last about 30-45 minutes, including Q&A, and the topics change every month.


 Thursday, May 5, 2016

Join us for a discussion on how how text messaging (SMS) is being used by universities across the United States to increase student engagement and new enrollments. We’re looking closely at the millennial generation and how they communicate with each other and their school. SMS is being used as a “cross-generational” communications tool, so you need to understand the best practices for using it on a college campus.

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Platform Training Sessions

These sessions are perfect for those interested in understanding the basic features of the True Dialog Platform. Leverage our texting service platform with its easy-to-use professional SMS tools to help you launch your own texting campaigns for your clients or customers. During the 30 minute training session, you will learn how to add a contact, create a basic message, create a contact list, and send a message to that list. Plus, we’ll answer all of your related SMS messaging questions.  


True Dialog Webinars, True Dialog events, register for an event, sms webinar, sms platform training     Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 12:30PM
     Introduction to True Dialog SMS Service Platform


Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 12:30PM
Introduction to True Dialog SMS Service Platform
Registration Opens on June 1st



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text is still number one, text message marketing

Why Text is Still Number One Among all Mobile Channels

Mobile is the fastest growing channel to reach consumers today. Smartphone ownership is growing, however, feature phones still make up the majority of phones in the U.S. market – so text is still number one. How can a brand reach 100% of its target audience through mobile? The answer is simple – SMS messaging.

Learn how your brand can get back to basics and deliver value and build loyalty for their customers through SMS Messaging. Create unique coupons, run sweepstakes, gather real-time customer feedback, and more through a channel that reaches the masses like no other today.

 Join True Dialog for a free webinar discussing how SMS messaging can drive customers and increase ROI in 90 days.

Watch the Text is Still Number One Webinar

Restaurants using text message marketing, webinar

Your Local Restaurants Using Text Message Marketing Is Easier to Start Than You Think

Thousands of restaurants across the country have activated text message marketing programs to engage their customers, but only a few are using it to the full potential. True Dialog presents strategies for local restaurants to enhance relationships with customers, increase revenue, and build loyalty using text CRM strategies. Why are only some local restaurants using text message marketing? Learn about the opportunities and barriers.

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

mobile partnerships, mobile solutions, text message marketing

What Kind of Mobile Partnerships Work?

Agencies look at the 360 degrees of consumer communication, but mobile is often left out. Join the founder of True Dialog as she discusses the 10 degrees missing – text messages, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, QR Codes, and how mobile partnerships work. If you are thinking about joining the mobile revolution, and what to better understand if and how a partnership with a text service provider works, then watch this webinar about mobile partnerships.

View the Mobile Partnerships Webinar

Serving Up Mobile, Text Message Marketing, Text Service Provider

Serving Up Mobile to the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is expected to exceed $600 billion in revenue in 2012. This is because consumers are always on-the-go and are dining out more frequently than ever before. These consumers always have their mobile devices with them and are only a tap away from choosing your location over another, posting yelp reviews, or redeeming mobile coupons. Drive more of this business to your location by serving up mobile, hot and fresh. This webinar shows you ways to deliver the best possible experience

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Mobile Solutions for Health Wellness, text message notifications,

Mobile Solutions for Health Wellness

The cosmetic, health, and wellness industries are booming, and also becoming more competitive. Learn how Mobile CRM can drive new business, increase ROI, and increase customer retention by communicating with your customers through their channel of choice. Join Carrie Chitsey, CEO and Founder of True Dialog as she reviews the state of mobile interaction by consumers, future trends, and specific ways to implement mobile CRM to drive your business.

View Health Wellness Webinar

augmented reality, consumer engagement, mobile solutions

Is Augmented Reality in the Near Future?

As smartphones grow in popularity, so will the use of augmented reality by brands to engage consumers in new and creative ways. Join the founder of True Dialog for a free webinar discussing what augmented reality. How can companies use augmented reality to build brand recognition, create buzz and engage your customers in a unique new way?

Wathc the Augmented Reality Webinar

Small Business Mobile Marketing Solutions, Text message marketing

Webinar: Small Business Mobile Marketing Solutions

Consumers are relying on their mobile devices more frequently these days, with mobile access to the web expected to surpass PC access by 2015. Small businesses can and should integrate mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy to remain competitive in the years to come.

Join Candice Beckmann of True Dialog for a free webinar discussing current and future states of Small Business mobile marketing solutions, examples of mobile marketing best practices, and how to get started with your own mobile marketing campaign.

Watch the Small Business Mobile Marketing Solutions Webinar