TrueDialog webinars and training sessions offer more information about successful SMS campaigns, text CRM, mobile marketing strategies, & more

Monthly Webinars

Webinars aim to offer knowledge from True Dialog’s client experiences and partnerships. These webinars look closely at mobile technology needs in specific industries, best practices, success stories, and new ideas for growing your business using SMS. Webinars last about 30-45 minutes, including Q&A, and the topics change every month.


 Thursday, May 5, 2016

Join us for a discussion on how how text messaging (SMS) is being used by universities across the United States to increase student engagement and new enrollments. We’re looking closely at the millennial generation and how they communicate with each other and their school. SMS is being used as a “cross-generational” communications tool, so you need to understand the best practices for using it on a college campus.

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Platform Training Sessions

These sessions are perfect for those interested in understanding the basic features of the True Dialog Platform. Leverage our texting service platform with its easy-to-use professional SMS tools to help you launch your own texting campaigns for your clients or customers. During the 30 minute training session, you will learn how to add a contact, create a basic message, create a contact list, and send a message to that list. Plus, we’ll answer all of your related SMS messaging questions.  


True Dialog Webinars, True Dialog events, register for an event, sms webinar, sms platform training     Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 12:30PM
     Introduction to True Dialog SMS Service Platform


Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 12:30PM
Introduction to True Dialog SMS Service Platform
Registration Opens on June 1st



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5 Key Ways Mobile is Improving Staffing & Recruitingmobile marketing, sms recruiting, staffing and recruiting, SMS recruitment

Clients tell us that text messaging helps recruiters to attract candidates faster and fill job orders with higher quality candidates. They’ve received positive feedback about the use of text messaging from candidates, especially those between the ages of 21 and 40.

One client reported that a specialist on their team was struggling to gain interest in a new job posting for several hours (using only emails and phone calls), but when she finally pushed out a broadcast text message alert to the database she was flooded with interest – phone calls, emails, text messages, and even a drop-in visitor within minutes.

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Mobile Marketing: Text is Here to Stay

Brands are going back to the roots of mobile marketing – text marketing – and they are seeing 15x for every dollar spent.  Learn why advertising agencies should be discussing the new realm of text marketing with clients who want to see a 90 day ROI.  Augment the uncertainty that comes with mobile applications and in-app messaging. Get clear examples of text message campaigns, case studies, and why advertising agencies need a good text service provider and a technology platform to execute their client campaigns and measure real time ROI.

Watch a recording of the mobile marketing webinar here

mobile engagement for cable and utilities, text message

Mobile Engagement for Cable and Utilities Decrease Costs While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Cable and utilities are basic necessities for most consumers and businesses. However, their choice in providers is not. Cable and utility customers want providers with reliable service, great customer service, and flexibility with options and scheduling. Learn how integrating mobile into your operations and call centers can reduce costs and improve efficiencies while improving customer service by providing information and assistance on their terms. Join True Dialog and take away knowledge that can set your organization apart from your competition.

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Text Messaging for Real Estate, text service provider

Text Messaging for Real Estate

Brokers, agents and property managers can all benefit from text messaging and use of a mobile website. Get instant access and market insight into your prospects and clients. There are effective ways you can use mobile tools to expand marketing efforts, get new inexpensive referrals, and improve your client communications. The text messaging for Real Estate webinar includes: 

– Buyer Surveys To Identify Hot Leads
– Instant Survey Feedback For Your Sellers
– Open House/Price Drop Notifications
– Effectively Communicate with Renters
– New Home Sales/Builder Programs
– Benefits of a Mobile Website

View a recording of the webinar here.


According to a study by Yahoo, 86% of mobile Internet users are on their mobile devices (the third screen) while watching TV. Connecting the third screen (the mobile phone) to your digital screens is key to text CRM. Learn how to integrate a mobile strategy and technology to drive consumer engagement with your current media channels including television, digital signage, in stadium, and in-store.

Watch the webinar here.

The Rise of Mobile Marketing – An Expert Panel

Expert Panel, Mobile Marketing, Text Message MarketingHear brands, agencies and solution providers talk openly about their challenges getting into mobile, best practices, lessons learned and what the future holds. Listen to an expert panel with Q&A moderated by Carrie Chitsey, Founder of True Dialog, as she guides a discussion with executives from DMX/Mood Media, Caribou Coffee and AMF Bowling Centers.

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mobile for back to school, text message marketing, text service provider

Leveraging Mobile for Back to School

A Yahoo survey reported that 70% of shoppers say they are interested in digital deals, and one-third plan to use their smartphones to cash in on back-to-school deals this year(2012).  Although school is out for students, it’s time for retailers and CPG companies to start planning for the Back to School season. Learn how mobile marketing can drive customers in-store and increase online purchases this summer. Back to school promotions have already begun and mobile marketing will be leading the way this season.

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