TrueDialog API Resources

API Resources for Best Use of SMS

Getting Started with the API

True Dialog’s RESTful API allows you to connect with 990+ operators and 5.5 billion wireless subscribers globally. Use these API resources to get started faster with True Dialog’s SMS platform.

There is some initial setup necessary before you can send messages. It is all a one-time setup, so you do not need to do this for every message that is sent. But it allows us to track the users and make sure we honor the opt-out messages that they send back to us.

  1. First you need to create a subscription, this is what your contacts will opt in and out of. You may already have a pre-set subscription, but if not you’ll have to create one.
  2. Next you will create a basic campaign. These campaigns do not have any predefined content, which allows you to supply the message when you’re ready to push the campaign.
  3. Once you get the Campaign ID, you should be all set to send messages. Find more details in the API Documentation.


API Use Cases

The following use cases describe common scenarios for using the True Dialog API calls. For a complete list of endpoints, see the API Endpoints Page.

  • Notifications for order confirmations, shipping details, and package delivery
  • Property Management messages for residents related to bill reminders, package pickup, and maintenance
  • Financial Institution messages for fraud alerts, balance inquiries, and budget management
  • Healthcare updates and reminders for medication and appointments
  • Academic messages for parents and students about weather alerts, security issues, and school updates
  • Streamlining operational efficiencies in call centers by reducing call volume with SMS
  • Integration with CRM Software for an additional communication method
  • Warehouse inventory reports and notifications