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Mobile Marketing Gives Better Results Than Other Promotional Methods

Mobile Marketing, Marketing Gives Better Results, Traditional advertiingA study conducted by Luth Research for SoundBite Communications, Inc. found that mobile marketing gives better results, specifically it delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) than more traditional methods for a business. The research firm was asked to look at trends, current issues, and the future of mobile marketing. When preparing the report, Luth gathered information from executives working in a number of different types of industries, including financial services, retail, and hospitality.

Survey Shows Mobile Marketing Gives Better Results

Over half of the respondents who participated in the survey (52 percent) stated that their mobile marketing campaigns resulted in higher returns more than traditional ones. The participants who reported actual results reported an average return on investment of 32 percent.

Business owners are choosing to spend more money on mobile marketing as it is proving to be an effective way to boost sales for companies.  According to the results of the report, approximately 75 percent of survey respondents stated they would be spending more on their mobile marketing efforts in the coming year.


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