SMS Dialog Campaigns

What is a SMS Dialog?

The most unique thing TrueDialog’s platform has to offer is seamless two-way text messaging.  A company can create multi-threaded conversations using automated or open-ended responses without those users ever leaving their text inbox. Imagine a poll or survey style of SMS message, but without the need for new keywords to trigger the next message. The system treats it as one larger campaign constructed with multiple messages.

A SMS Dialog Campaign can be quickly setup in the platform or through the RESTful SMS API using calls to the system. Below is a screenshot of a sample dialog campaign setup inside of True Dialog’s platform.

True Dialog dialog campaign, Dialog wizard, SMS campaign, dialog tree


NOTE: When you ask a question in a SMS Dialog campaign, you are required to associate a Contact Attribute with that question. For example, if the question is “How often do you visit our store” then your Contact Attribute name may be “StoreFrequency”, and the value of that attribute is the answer choice from the end-user.  This is what makes the SMS Dialog such a powerful tool. When a user replies to your question, their response is attached to their contact record.

In the image below, you get a glance at some of the contact attributes being used and the values, as seen in the “Edit Contact” section of the True Dialog Platform.

Edit Contact, SMS Contact, Contact Database, Contact Attributes, SMS Dialog, True Dialog SMS, SMS Dialog Campaign


How does it work for marketing?

Drive additional sales through multi-threaded conversations, known as SMS Dialog. How? Targeted messaging. You can create a Loyalty or Rewards club with another system, as many companies do, and connect to the True Dialog platform through the SMS API. With that connection setup, you have the ability to push out a survey to loyalty club members to learn more about what they want / need / expect from your company. The new Contact Attribute will be recorded in your contact database on the True Dialog Platform, as well as your loyalty software platform (if you choose to set it up that way).

Take it a step further by using dynamic personalization of in your SMS messages. You not only know your customer’s first and last name now, but you know that her favorite coffee is the holiday seasonal flavor of peppermint. Increase your response rates and sales by sending your SMS messages to a targeted list and using dynamic content. A message might read, “Hey [name]! Did you hear that we’re offering the [drink type] for $1 off today. Come on by and show the cashier this message.”

There are hundreds of ways to leverage SMS Dialog campaigns to drive sales, increase loyalty, and grow your brand recognition. You can get as creative as you like.

SMS message, SMS dialog, dialog tree, true dialog, SMS Dialog Campaign, True Dialog SMS
SMS Dialog: Here is a piece of a larger message tree in the platform



How does SMS Dialog work for operations?

Integrating a SMS dialog solution into other systems helps to create a robust communications tool. It makes data actionable and reduces costs. The system can send immediate triggered SMS messages for anything including technical updates, scheduling, internal communications, or anything else that is dependent upon information sources.

Like the marketing examples, there are hundreds of ways that a company could use SMS Dialog campaigns to streamline communications internally (or externally). Check out some of True Dialog’s SMS Use Cases.