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iPad Users More Likely to Buy Products

I didn’t realize that the type of mobile device that a consumer is using has an impact on whether he or she will make a purchase. It turns out that it is iPad users more likely to buy products than Android or PC users. Not only are iPad users buying more often, they are making larger purchases when they pull their wallets out.

Mobile shopping is becoming more popular, and consumers are becoming more comfortable with using this technology to make purchases. A full 46 percent of shoppers in the United States plan to make a holiday purchase via a mobile device, including tablets, this year.

users more likely to buy products

Retailers will be responding to this surge in mobile device use by making sure that their sites are ready to respond to shoppers’ desire to make a buying decision and conclude the transaction quickly. Using the iPad means that shoppers have the convenience of shopping virtually anywhere, and someone who is focused on getting the purchase completed quickly will not be interested in using a web site that makes completing the transaction a complicated or time-consuming experience.

With the holiday shopping season approaching quickly, iPad use will only increase. Consumers already have very full schedules, and any strategy that can help them save time when choosing gifts for friends and family members is something they will certainly utilize.

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