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SMS and Email Integration: How Does it Work?

SMS and Email integration is a winning combination for your multi-channel marketing strategy. Integrating these platforms allows marketers to provide a cohesive experience that caters to the different preferences of their clients. However, what many don’t understand is how these systems work together – integrating with each other as well as CRM systems.   How SMS and Email Come… Continue reading

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Technology Integration Overview

As the sophistication of technology progresses, the more it is incorporated into daily life. Technology integration is everything from a cohesive digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to reach customers on multiple devices to schools using a learning management systems for seamless integration in classrooms. So, what exactly is it and why does it matter?   What is… Continue reading

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Using a LMS for Professional Development

Learning management systems (LMS) have proven to be a crucial tool for education institutions. However, learning isn’t limited to children or classrooms. In fact, many businesses use a LMS for training and professional development of their current workforce including onboarding programs for new employees.   Professional Development Using a LMS One important way that learning management systems are being incorporated into the… Continue reading

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The Future of EdTech

Education technology, or EdTech as it’s been shortened and hash-tagged, is a rapidly growing area of interest for education innovators. Technology is being leveraged to better meet the high demands of our ever-developing education system. We accomplished this through the use of technology in form of tech products, applications, and tools that enhance learning and instruction. So where are we… Continue reading

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True Dialog Offers Long Codes

While True Dialog and many other SMS providers offer short codes for sending and receiving SMS, there has been big growth in the need for long codes – especially for certain businesses.  True Dialog offers long codes that are dedicated to each client who signs up for either our Business-Class Free Trial and for anyone with a paid… Continue reading

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Mobilizing Education Outside the Classroom

As important as it is to stimulate and engage students inside the classroom, how a student continues his or her learning outside the classroom is equally important. On average, U.S primary school students spend nearly 950 hours in classroom instruction per year, just shy of the 1,016 hours that secondary school students do (Pew Research). What about the other 7,800+… Continue reading