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Email and SMS Integration

A reliable one-two punch for digital marketing is multi-channel communications – specifically using email and SMS integration. Each has their separate advantages, and they also work well together to create a wonderfully integrated experience for both businesses and their clients. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are smartphone owners and the top 2 smartphone activities are texting and managing email. So… Continue reading

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Technology Integration Overview

As the sophistication of technology progresses, the more it is incorporated into daily life. Technology integration is everything from a cohesive digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to reach customers on multiple devices to schools using a learning management systems for seamless integration in classrooms. So, what exactly is it and why does it matter?   What is… Continue reading

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SMS Conversations with University LMS

As the adoption of learning management systems (LMS) grows in educational settings, the need to integrate mobile becomes increasingly important. Among undergraduates, 86% of them own a smartphone and 47% own a tablet. With such high numbers of mobile device ownership, many students and professors are learning new ways to incorporate mobile into education. Fifty… Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Attend EdTech Panel

We’re Talking about #EdTech and #MobileLearning on April 8th.    At True Dialog, we value higher education and we aim to support the education community by offering insights into how technology is enhancing the experience in an EdTech Panel webinar. Whether it is kids in a classroom, adults continuing their education from home, or people learning on a mobile device… Continue reading

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Using a LMS for Professional Development

Learning management systems (LMS) have proven to be a crucial tool for education institutions. However, learning isn’t limited to children or classrooms. In fact, many businesses use a LMS for training and professional development of their current workforce including onboarding programs for new employees.   Professional Development Using a LMS One important way that learning management systems are being incorporated into the… Continue reading

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Learning Management Systems and Mobile Integration

Learning management systems, or LMS, are software applications that support a variety of functions such as administration, documentation, and e-learning. These systems are a crucial part of providing seamless technology integration in education (EdTech). In essence, it is the backbone providing the foundation for education CRMs and mobile integration capabilities.   Benefits of Learning Management Systems It is… Continue reading