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Reducing Coupon Fraud With SMS

Coupon usage is big and is projected to get even bigger. About 96% of American shoppers are coupon users and numbers continue to climb thanks to the popularity of digital coupons (RetailMeNot). However, with such high volumes of coupons being redeemed each year, the potential for coupon fraud increases as well. Fortunately, incorporating mobile coupons into… Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Attend SMS for Universities Webinar

SMS for universities is becoming a lot more commonplace. This is due in part to increased competition in higher education marketing and rising popularity of education technology (EdTech). This Thursday, May 5th, we will be hosting a webinar discussing the different ways SMS improves higher education experience for students, alumni, professors, and administration. Here are 4 reasons… Continue reading

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Higher Education Marketing: 4 Reasons to Update

There are currently about 5,300 colleges and universities throughout the United States. With so much competition to attract new students, higher education marketing needs to be smarter than ever. However, as Generation Y (Millennials) continues to graduate and enter the workforce, Generation Z (those born between the late 90’s and early 2000’s) are rapidly taking their place. Gen Z… Continue reading

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SMS and Email Integration: How Does it Work?

SMS and Email integration is a winning combination for your multi-channel marketing strategy. Integrating these platforms allows marketers to provide a cohesive experience that caters to the different preferences of their clients. However, what many don’t understand is how these systems work together – integrating with each other as well as CRM systems.   How SMS and Email Come… Continue reading