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Why Build What We’ve Already Built?


Our RESTful SMS API is the newest and best in the business. We have already built more of what you need, so if you want to save time, write less code, move faster, and lower costs, then check it out.  We have 47 API endpoints, which is more than six-times that of our nearest competitors. Our entire platform was built with an API-first approach. So why do extra work and build what we’ve already built for you?

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Hey Developer!  Say HI to our SMS API

Send messages in one simple API call. Try it now for free

POST https://api.True{accountid}/event-pushCampaign

message: “Hello World! Try the True Dialog API for Free”,
targets: [“+15553214567”],
campaign_id: 1234,
channel_id: 4



Take a look at our SMS API Documentation



What We Have That Others Don’t

Fully Featured

All campaign functionality works immediately, without any additional configuration or modification. From simple bulk SMS to messages with unique coupon codes, true dialog campaigns, keyword association and scheduling messages. MMS (image messages) too!


Compliance with CTIA is incorporated into our solution, so that each campaign and message contains the proper opt-in language and appropriate message footers. We archive audit records for every client.


Dynamic segmentation of contacts is feature we offer for all clients. The segmentation is based on any number of data filters – both standard and non-uniform. Send a message to thousands of customers in a specific segment through a single API call, while other solutions require a separate call for each phone number.

High Throughput

Our solution can deliver 4 times as many SMS messages per second compared to competitors. We have the ability to simultaneously send large outbound pushes of messages and respond to incoming traffic.


Our SMS API uses encrypted communications through the SMS gateway to protect client information using built-in SSL and TLS cryptography. Plus we have ISO/IEC certification, CSA CCM security principles and PCI DCM compliant.

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SMS Trial FAQs

After you create an account, you get instant access to all 3seventy features for 30 days and up to 10 contacts. We don’t require a credit card during the trial, so you can try it free of obligation.
Our support team will email you before your trial expires. You can choose one of our texting plans and pay by credit card or contact our sales team if you wish to pay by invoice. Your trial account will expire and a new account will be created, unless you request to keep it intact.

If you decide not to upgrade at the end of your 30-day trial, your account will expire.
We offer monthly billing based on your usage. You can pay by credit card online. Enterprise plans have the option of invoicing. Contact us for those details (
The SMS trial is on US long codes only right now, so international users cannot use sign-up. However, international companies interested in testing out the platform and API should Request a Platform Demo by emailing us at