TrueDialog vs Twilio

A SMS Messaging App Comparison

Why Use True Dialog for SMS Instead of Twilio?

True Dialog has multiple features pre-configured through our API that can save you time, money and hassle. Rather than developing your own coupon engine, survey engine, scheduling engine, etc. as you are expected to do with Twilio – simply make a call to our endpoints. You can develop to our API endpoints and seamlessly switch to our fully featured SaaS portal. And now you can send both SMS messages on both short codes and long codes using True Dialog’s API technology.

Compare Features


API Access to Send Text Messages

Messages Per Second

240/second 30/second

Message Scheduler

API Endpoints

47 3

Multi-Tiered Reporting

Basic Usage

Contact Management System

Built-In SMS Compliance

Dedicated Long Codes

Shared Short Code for Free

Must pay for Dedicated Code

Built-In Coupon System

Migration Path to Full UI Offering